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2,5D Photo Animation with Affinity Photo And Blackmagic Fusion

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In this course you will learn how to create 2,5D animation with Affinity Photo and Blackmagic Fusion.
In the begining you will learn how to prepare an image in Affinit Photo, you’ll learn about extracting person from an image with masks, clone stamp tool and other tools.

Then, you will move prepared image into Blachmagic Fusion.
Finally, you’ll learn how to create animation, add atmosphere to the composition using particles and fog in Fusion’s 3D space and in the end you’ll render whole composition to the file.

In the course you will find:

  • How to prepare photos in Affinity Photo correctly to work with 2.5D animation
  • You will learn how to prepare a 3D scene in Fusion
  • You will learn how to create the effect of dust floating in the air with particles using pEmitter node.
  • You will learn the basics of rendering compositions to a file.

Where can you use the knowledge of this course?
You can easily use this knowledge by creating animations, for your YouTube channel, in advertising animations, multimedia presentations and many other projects.
The course has been prepared with Blackmagic Fusion 8, but everything from this course can be used in earlier and newer versions of the Fusion, as well as in Davinci Resolve in the Fusion tab.

Introduction 02:04
Preparing Fusion for Work 01:46
Image preparation  – part 1 04:31
Image preparation – part 2 09:24
Image preparation – part 3 13:25
Exporting from Affinity Photo to Blackmagic Fusion 08:12
Camera Animation 07:19
Adding Particles to the composition 06:51
Creating an Atmosphere with Fog node 02:10
Adding Depth of Field 04:35
Finishing touches 05:28
Preparing for rendering and final render 03:52

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Tomasz Głowiak

Tomasz Głowiak is an Freelance artist specialising in Mattepainting, Compositing and also in Desktop Publishing


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